<P>ACHIEVEMENTS Where to Go and the Path for Getting There; The Strategic Use of Arguments in First Offers: Advice Concerning Anchors, Accounts and How to Share Them; and Agreement Attraction and Impasse Aversion: Reasons for Selecting a Poor Deal over No Deal at All. Read more on page 20. Harvey Rosenblum, professor of practice in business economics, moderated a CEO panel on the Global and U.S. Economic Outlook at the Dallas CFO Executive Summit in May. He interviewed and participated in economic outlook talks with David Seaton, CEO of Fluor Corp, and Joseph Alvarado, CEO of Commercial Metals. He was a guest on Bloomberg TV, where he discussed the role of Too-Big-To-Fail Banks in the ?nancial crisis and public policy steps to avert another crisis. He presented his paper Getting the Sequence Right: First Fix the Banks, Then Proceed with Monetary Policy at the Western Economic Association International Conference in June. At the same conference, he served as a discussant of a paper titled U.S. Financial Crises: How Similar, How Different? Ulrike Schultze, associate professor of information technology and operations management, joined the Advisory Board of the Schmalenbach Business Review, the international edition of Schmalenbachs Zeitschrift für betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung, the oldest and most prestigious German journal of business. She also served as a faculty mentor for the KIN Summer School in July, organized by the KIN Research Group of the VU University of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Business Research Institute. Schultze was one of ?ve international business school professors on the summer school faculty. Gregory Sommers, professor of practice in accounting, received the Willis M. Tate Distinguished Teacher Award given by the SMU Student Senate, recognizing a faculty member for outstanding teaching and service to the university. As director of the Master in Science in Accounting Program, Sommers announced SMU Cox was ranked three in masters programs and four in undergraduate programs for schools with 15 or fewer full-time accounting faculty by Public Accounting Report. Shelette Stewart, associate director of business development in Cox Executive Education, served as a co-presenter with GameStop Corp. senior VP of HR, Mike Buskey, on the topic of Empowered Leadership Development at the Evanta Chief Human Resources Of?cer Conference. She served as a keynote presenter at Harvard University for Harvard Business School and was selected as the MBA students ?rst speaker for the new school year. Her presentation Connecting Your Profession with Your Purpose leveraged insights from her award- winning book, Revelations in Business. She conducted workshops on the same topic and was a keynote presenter at the 2015 Coca-Cola Global Womens Leadership Conference at the company headquarters in Atlanta. Don Vandewalle, Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor and associate professor of management and organizations, presented the workshop Using the Power of Evidence-Based Teaching Practices at the 2015 Academy of Management (AOM) Annual Meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia. Bernard Weinstein, associate director of the Maguire Energy Institute and adjunct professor of business economics, delivered speeches on the effect of energy prices and energy policy at the Pipeline Opportunities Conference in Houston; the National Rail Research Conference in San Jose; the Energy Outlook Forum in Tyler, Texas; and the Piellucci Investment Seminar in Dallas. He made similar presentations in April before the Council of Petroleum Accounts Societies in Dallas; the Rotary Club in Kalamazoo, Michigan; the Rail Safety Conference in Orlando; the International Right of Way Association in Grapevine, Texas; the Rotary Club in Erie, Pennsylvania; and the Dartmouth Club in Dallas. In May, he spoke with Tri-Gate Capital and the Financial Executives Institute Energy Forum, both in Dallas. In June, he traveled to Kentucky to speak with the Kentucky Trucking Association; the Northeast Gas Forum in Boston; and then to Russia to speak at the Yegor Gaidar Fellowship Program in Economics/International Research and Exchanges Conference in Moscow. He also spoke to the Texas Society of CPAs in Dallas and the Experimental Aircraft Association in Wisconsin in July. Q 2014-2015 FACULTY AWARDS Boghetich Family Distinguished Teaching Award Kumar Venkataraman C. Jackson Grayson Endowed Faculty Innovation Award Donald F. Shelly, Jr. Eugene T. Byrne Endowed Faculty Innovation Award Gary T. Moskowitz Carl Sewell Distinguished Service to the Community Award Roger A. Kerin Don Jackson Outstanding Teaching in Finance Award William F. Maxwell Research Excellence Award Darius P. Miller Stanimir Markov BBA Distinguished Teaching Award Albert W. Niemi, Jr. BBA Outstanding Teaching Award Barry J. Bryan Donald F. Shelly, Jr. Barbara W. Kincaid David T. Lei Sal Mistry MBA Distinguished Teaching Award Barry J. Bryan Donald M. Vandewalle Jacquelyn S. Thomas MBA Outstanding Teaching Award David C. Croson Andrew C. MacKinlay Mel Fugate Albert W. Niemi, Jr. Barbara W. Kincaid John H. Semple David T. Lei Staff Recognition Award Ann Campbell Barbara Mohrle Catherine A. 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