<P>‘‘ COX QUOTABLES IN THE NEWS Fox Business News Countdown to the Closing Bell Michael Cox, executive-in-residence of the ONeil Center for Global Markets and Freedom, believes an increase in interest rates by the Federal Reserve Bank is long overdue. The Fed is afraid of the stock market effect, but we can do something about that. If we can coordinate monetary policy with trade policy—lets call it ?scal policy because its really a cut in the corporate income tax rate— we can have a win-win situation. (4/6/15) The Dallas Morning News Follow the Money: The Growing Impact of LGBT Consumers Marci Armstrong, associate dean of graduate programs and marketing professor, shares research-based insights on the impact of LGBT consumers as a marketing focus for companies. The speci?c focus on LGBT consumers as a segment, as a market, is new. Its not untapped exactly, but really focusing on the market is new for a lot of companies. To have as many companies of such a magnitude as Apple and Google openly support the LGBT community points to the impact of allies and mainstream acceptance. Its part of the changing of our culture. (4/9/15) Dallas Business Journal Power Players: Albert Niemi on Engineering a Path to the C-suite Al Niemi, dean of the Cox School, is pro?led as a Dallas Power Player in education. He offers his perspective on how business schools are changing to keep pace with the times. The world is becoming much more competitive. Many students dont have to get a graduate degree in business. While the full-time MBA will be the ?agship for business schools, there are many people who just need a better skill set to get a promotion. So we added specialized masters programs. We launched a masters in business analytics this year, and this May, we will launch a fast-track, one-year MBA program...weve seen tremendous growth." (4/10/15) Mainstreet.com FHA Loans Can be a Good Option for First-Time Home-Buyers Joseph Cahoon, director of the Folsom Institute for Real Estate, talks about the benefit of FHA loans for first-time home buyers who dont have large down payments or high FICO scores. Because FHA loans are mortgages insured by the Federal Housing Administration, this guarantee reduces the risk of loss of principal for lenders, which is advantageous for borrowers. For those borrowers with good credit, FHA insured loans offer a good pathway to home ownership. (4/15/15) Forbes Magazine SMUs Top Manager Competition Prepares Students for Wall Street Joe Dancy, adjunct professor of energy law, explains how students taking part in the Spindletop Fund, a real-money energy sector fund, are preparing for careers in the money management industry. While making an energy sector bet many students realized that the stocks of smaller companies make larger moves more quickly (are more volatile/ risky) and allocated funds to small and microcap ?rms that are under-followed. The share price of these small ?rms were more adversely impacted by the crash in oil prices in the fourth quarter of 2014, so they were expected to recover strongly as oil prices stabilized and increased. Using this strategy some students allocated funds to small and microcap ?rms in the technology and biotech sectors also, with less success. (5/29/15) The Washington Post The Facts about Rick Perry and the Texas Miracle Bernard Weinstein, associate director of the Maguire Energy Institute and business economist, weighs in on whether Rick Perry, candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, can claim credit for the strength of the Texas economy during his tenure as governor of the state. I would say he deserves some credit…Obviously, he didnt control the price of oil, but hes been a very good spokesperson and a very good salesperson for the state of Texas. (6/8/15) NBC 5, KXAS-TV CDC Issues Final Report on Blue Bell Listeria Outbreak Michael Braun, associate professor of marketing, comments on the potential long-term impact of the Blue Bell listeria outbreak. Over the years theyve been able to accumulate a lot of credibility and good will. I think the public wants Blue Bell to come back, and because Blue Bell did not rush coming back, there should be some confidence the product is safe. The public can be very forgiving if theres one event. If it ever happens again, I think theyll have a lot more dif?culty. (6/10/15) Inc. Magazine How This Entrepreneur Works Christianity Into His Craft Jerry White, Endowed Director of the Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship, offers insight into how the belief system of some entrepreneurs may affect their approach to business. Successful entrepreneurs arm themselves with data, but in the end, learn to trust their gut. Believers, no matter what their faith, have access to a resource that nonbelievers dont…one that the believer believes has in?nite wisdom and power, and has the best interests of everyone at heart. The believer will follow that inner voice. When they get that con?rmation, they have clarity. You do this for a while and you develop a sense of con?dence. (6/19/15) Texas Standard (state-wide public radio program) Barometer of Con?dence: A Quick Look at the Investor Community after the NYSE Glitch Don Shelly, professor of practice in ?nance and Fabacher Endowed Professor of Alternative Asset Management, explains what investors should keep in mind the day after a four-hour outage on the New York Stock Exchange and several days of international volatility. Lets remember ?rst that the stock market is the ultimate voting booth. People vote with their dollars. If theyre con?dent, theyre buying, and if theyre not con?dent, theyre selling. But weve really had an amazing run over the last six years in the U.S. stock market…I think thats a good barometer of con?dence. 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