<P>CLASS NOTES ¦ Class of 1963 Perry T. Dunlap, Jr. (MBA) worked for Abbott Laboratories for 35 years as a sales manager. He is a member of White Rock Kiwanis Club and a deacon at Lakeside Baptist Church. Perry was in the Navy in World War II and retired as a Major in the U.S. Air Force. In his spare time, he pilots and ?ies radio controlled planes, quadcopters, helicopters and gliders. He has been married 66 years and has seven great grandkids. ¦ Class of 1969 James Peytons (MBA) ?fth book on Mexican food and culture, Naturally Healthy Mexican Cooking: Authentic Recipes for Dieters, Diabetics & All Food Lovers, was recently published by the University of Texas Press in Austin. The books premise is that for any diet to be effective, it must become a permanent part of your lifestyle; for that to happen, it must consist of foods that are so good, they provide a reward for dealing with the stress of daily life. In other words, its not a diet if you like it. Wilbur Smither (MBA) graduated in 1968 and earned an MBA the following year. He passed away on July 3 from a brief illness. He had been retired for 15 years, living in both Dallas and Hot Springs Village, AR. Libbie Wilson Wilmer (BBA) has recently been named one of the nations Most In?uential Women in Bene?ts Advising by Employee Bene?t Advisor magazine. She was also named a 2015 Distinguished Alumni of Hillcrest High School. Her work as CEO of the Dallas employee bene?ts ?rm, George Belcher Evans & Wilmer, was cited when she was honored with these prestigious awards. ¦ Class of 1970 The Honorable Allen B. Clark (MBA), Dallasite, stays involved by visiting recent military veterans who have wartime issues and presenting at many venues on his Vietnam War wounds and journey of healing. His book, Valor in Vietnam, was awarded the 2014 Bronze Medal for History Books by the Military Writers Society of America. ¦ Class of 1972 David A. Gravelle (BBA/MBA) was named brand consultant by the host committee of the 2017 Houston Super Bowl. ¦ Class of 1974 Richard J. Billik, Jr. (BBA) retired as a circuit court judge of Cook County, IL, and is now working as a mediator/arbitrator. ¦ Class of 1975 Paul D. Johnson (BBA) was promoted to manager of Financial Analysis and the Services, Strategy, Planning and Programs Department for ExxonMobil Research & Engineering Company. In May 2015, he was relocated from Fairfax, VA, to the ExxonMobil Houston campus and resides in The Woodlands, TX. James R. Murphy (BBA) is CEO of TOC Resources, LLC, working as an oil and gas producer/investments. ¦ Class of 1977 Gayle Maurin (BBA 72, MBA 77) has been elected president of the board of trustees for the 50 Vanderbilt Foundation. The newly created foundation is dedicated to preserving the exterior of the 100-year-old James Gamble Rogers-designed Yale Club of New York City building and provide scholarships for Yale University students. ¦ Class of 1979 Alyce Tidball (MBA) ?nished her three- year assignment at the U.S. Consulate General in Jerusalem and of?cially retired on September 30, 2013. She now works as a special advisor to the U.S. Department of State and is currently working at the U.S. Embassy in Bogotà, Colombia. ¦ Class of 1976 Margo Bentsen (BBA 75, MBA 76) was D Magazine Best Realtor and Top Producer 2015 at Briggs Freeman Sothebys International Realty. Bill Byerley (BBA 75, MBA 76) retired from PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP on June 30, 2014. He is busy in retirement serving as co-chair and chair of the 2014 and 2015 Rotary Lombardi Awards, respectively, as well as the board chair of the South Central Chapter of the National MS Society for 2015 and 2016. Michael Rideau (BBA) currently works as commercial banker-senior vice president for American National Bank of Texas. He is married to Nedra Rideau and has two children, Chandra and Jonina. 41 cox.smu.edugo to</p> <UL><LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/1/1/">Front-Cover</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/2/2/">Inside-Front-Cover</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/3/3/">Page-1</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/4/4/">Page-2</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/5/5/">Page-3</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/6/6/">Page-4</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/7/7/">Page-5</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/8/8/">Page-6</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/9/9/">Page-7</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/10/10/">Page-8</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/11/11/">Page-9</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/12/12/">Page-10</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/13/13/">Page-11</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/14/14/">Page-12</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/15/15/">Page-13</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/16/16/">Page-14</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/17/17/">Page-15</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/18/18/">Page-16</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/19/19/">Page-17</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/20/20/">Page-18</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/21/21/">Page-19</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/22/22/">Page-20</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/23/23/">Page-21</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/24/24/">Page-22</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/25/25/">Page-23</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/26/26/">Page-24</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/27/27/">Page-25</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/28/28/">Page-26</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/29/29/">Page-27</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/30/30/">Page-28</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/31/31/">Page-29</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/32/32/">Page-30</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/33/33/">Page-31</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/34/34/">Page-32</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/35/35/">Page-33</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/36/36/">Page-34</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/37/37/">Page-35</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/38/38/">Page-36</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/39/39/">Page-37</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/40/40/">Page-38</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/41/41/">Page-39</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/42/42/">Page-40</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/43/43/">Page-41</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/44/44/">Page-42</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/45/45/">Page-43</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/46/46/">Page-44</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/47/47/">Page-45</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/48/48/">Page-46</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/49/49/">Page-47</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/50/50/">Page-48</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/51/51/">Page-49</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/1089/qaeivcdmc/52/52/">Back-Cover</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publications/1089/x/sitemap.xml" target="_blank">site map</a></LI> </UL>


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