<P>20 ‘‘ COX QUOTEABLESCOX QUOTEABLES Bloomberg Businessweek Amend Texas Constitution to Hogtie Public Spending W. Michael Cox, director of the ONeil Center for Global Markets and Freedom, and Richard Alm, ONeil Center writer- in-residence, wrote a published opinion piece calling for an amendment to the Texas constitution that would prevent state lawmakers from spending the states $8.8 million surplus. Constitutional limits on spending blunt the political incentives to spend more. Theyre the only long-term way to restrain the size of government. (2/6/13) The Wall Street Journal A Higher Minimum Wage — But Not for Interns in Congress Dwight Lee, William J. ONeil Endowed Chair of Global Markets and Freedom, questioned the presidents State of the Union call for an increase in the minimum wage. In a published opinion piece, Lee contrasted the college students who work for free as White House and Capitol Hill interns, but get great and prestigious job experience, with young people from low-income homes who cant afford college or unpaid internships. For these young people, the ?rst jobs they ?nd are seldom those in which they start out being productive enough to be worth even the current minimum wage of $7.25. The teenage unemployment rate reported in January was 23.4 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. One wonders how much higher it has to go before Washington wakes up. (2/21/13) CNBC On the Money with Maria Bartiromo MBA Class of 2013 Clayton Laughter (MBA 13) was one of five May business school graduates interviewed in a taped TV discussion about the value of an MBA degree, graduate career prospects and the future of business. Laughter explained why he decided to pursue an MBA. Being an engineer, I had a limited career path going forward. I had higher career goals and aspirations, and I knew if I wanted to get there, I was actually going to have to take risks. (5/26/13) Los Angeles Times Mexico Edges toward Letting Foreign Oil Firms Invest in Pemex Bruce Bullock, director of the Maguire Energy Institute, commented on Mexicos ruling party efforts toward the potential opening of the state-run oil company, Pemex, to foreign oil ?rms. If such a change occurs, it could allow U.S. oil ?rms to drill south of the border. According to Bullock, U.S. oil companies are well positioned to both re?ne and consume the oil produced. The more oil we get out of friendly places like Canada and Mexico, and the less oil we get out of places like Venezuela and the Middle East, certainly the less volatile oil prices will be. (3/4/13) American Public Media Marketplace Morning Report JCPenney Tries to Freshen Up with Joe Fresh Ed Fox, W. R. and Judy Howell Director of the JCPenney Center for Retail Excellence and associate professor of marketing, was interviewed about JCPenneys efforts to attract younger consumers by expanding the online Joe Fresh clothing brand in-store. Fox explained that many core customers may be feeling confused about the stores identity. Theyve lost 30 percent of their business. Its just gone away. Thats an incredible hurdle for a retailer to try to clear. (3/14/13) The New York Times A Financial Backer When a Parents Wallet Isnt an Option David Croson, clinical professor of entrepreneurship, explained what he believes to be the benefits of a new site that pairs investors with those finishing college after 2008 seeking money to finance their entrepreneurial ideas. Investors, or backers, receive a percentage of the young persons income for 10 years, regardless of whether the idea they backed is successful. Croson said he has invested in about two dozen young entrepreneurs because he knows how hard it is to get started. He acknowledged low expectations for a big return on his investment. Its almost like being on the board of directors of these companies. All it takes is for one of these people to succeed for it to work out. (6/7/12) The Virginian Pilot Image Experts Support Smith?eld on Paula Deen Dan Howard, professor of marketing, weighed in on the marketing rami?cations of racism charges against celebrity chef Paula Deen. Smithfield Foods, based in Norfolk, VA, was among several companies that severed its relationship with Deen after the allegations surfaced. The truth about whether or not she has racist feelings really doesnt matter. What matters is the perception. With someone with a negative aura around their head, do I want them associated with my brand name? The answer is no. (6/30/13) U.S. News & World Report Are Women Lousy Salary Negotiators? Robin Pinkley, professor of management and organizations, talked about why it is important for both young women and men entering the job market to enhance their negotiating skills. If you dont negotiate for more money, and someone else gets your position and 7 percent more money, that can translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime — and out of the mouths of your future children. You also are almost never negotiating on behalf of just you but your peers. If you make more, theyll bene?t, too. (7/2/13) NBC NBC Nightly News Higher Prices for Fruit, Veggies Ahead as Heavy Rains Cripple Crops Bernard Weinstein, business economist and associate director of the Maguire Energy Institute, commented on the economic impact of the unusually heavy rainfall across southeastern states this summer, which is expected to continue through the fall. Combined with a continued drought in western states, Weinstein predicted the agricultural toll has the potential to translate into higher consumer food prices. I would expect to see average prices for fruits and veggies maybe 10 percent higher this fall than they were in the spring or where they are right now, just because theres going to be less supply available. (7/30/13) </p> <UL><LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/1/1/">Front-Cover</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/2/2/">Inside-Front-Cover</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/3/3/">Page-1</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/4/4/">Page-2</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/5/5/">Page-3</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/6/6/">Page-4</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/7/7/">Page-5</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/8/8/">Page-6</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/9/9/">Page-7</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/10/10/">Page-8</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/11/11/">Page-9</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/12/12/">Page-10</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/13/13/">Page-11</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/14/14/">Page-12</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/15/15/">Page-13</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/16/16/">Page-14</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/17/17/">Page-15</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/18/18/">Page-16</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/19/19/">Page-17</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/20/20/">Page-18</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/21/21/">Page-19</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/22/22/">Page-20</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/23/23/">Page-21</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/24/24/">Page-22</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/25/25/">Page-23</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/26/26/">Page-24</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/27/27/">Page-25</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/28/28/">Page-26</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/29/29/">Page-27</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/30/30/">Page-28</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/31/31/">Page-29</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/32/32/">Page-30</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/33/33/">Page-31</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/34/34/">Page-32</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/35/35/">Page-33</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/36/36/">Page-34</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/37/37/">Page-35</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/38/38/">Page-36</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/39/39/">Page-37</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/40/40/">Page-38</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/41/41/">Page-39</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/42/42/">Page-40</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/43/43/">Page-41</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/44/44/">Page-42</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/45/45/">Page-43</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/46/46/">Page-44</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/47/47/">Page-45</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/48/48/">Page-46</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/49/49/">Page-47</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/50/50/">Page-48</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/51/51/">Page-49</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/52/52/">Page-50</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/53/53/">Page-51</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/54/54/">Page-52</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/55/55/">Page-53</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/279/rszbsppbj/56/56/">Back-Cover</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publications/279/x/sitemap.xml" target="_blank">site map</a></LI> </UL>


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