<P>33 cox.smu.edugo to CAREER CHANGE and Professional MBA (PMBA) programs offer students the option to specialize in various industries such as marketing, ?nance, accounting, real estate, strategy and entrepreneurship. As a result, students may either enhance their current area of expertise or perhaps explore and move into a completely new industry. I went to business school because I wanted to switch careers but was not entirely sure what I wanted to do next, said Vik Thapar (MBA ‘09). Thapar worked at a software consulting ?rm but knew he wanted something more exciting and lucrative. I became interested in the investment and entrepreneur community through my classes and the backgrounds of my professors and visiting speakers. Accordingly, Thapar concentrated his PMBA studies in entrepreneurship and strategy and immersed himself in SMUs investment community via the Venture Capital Practicum and by volunteering at the Southwest Venture Forum, where he connected with many SMU Cox alumni. His persistence and focus paid off. Today, Thapar is a venture partner at Cypress Growth Capital. I could not be in a better position, and we are actively investing in technology companies! Nate Ruby (MBA ‘07) spent years pursuing his bachelors and masters degrees in biochemistry and biology with the intention of becoming a professor. Midway through his pursuit, Ruby decided his desire to help people develop and build productive teams aligned more closely with the business world than academia. So he went back to school. Again. Only this time, Ruby pursued an MBA at SMU Cox with concentrations in information technology and operations management (ITOM) and marketing. With help from the SMU Cox Career Management Center, he got a job with TXU Energy in the ?nancial planning group. He dove into his new company with the same dedication he applied in his academic career and was promoted three times in his ?rst ?ve years. As head of residential pricing, I use the ?nancial modeling skills from my ITOM concentration, knowledge of selling techniques and consumer behavior from my marketing concentration and leadership skills honed through the BLC on a daily basis. Like others, Marshall Hays, the aforementioned MBA student who knew life was too short not to embrace change, was inspired by his experience at Cox to stop working for others and branch out on his own. Jerry White exposed us to so many different industries and entrepreneurs that I knew I had to be my own boss, said Hays. After starting an Internet content site as well as a television production company, Hays now runs his own mini-empire of Lucky Ducky Car Wash & Lube Centers, as well as a Lucky Ducky Dogs gourmet food truck. If you are considering a career change via grad school, be sure to heed the advice of Hays and other graduates: attend every student function and get to know everyone in your class. Others stressed that students should take full advantage of the Cox mentorship programs, the Career Management Center and the Business Leadership Center. These resources arm students with critical networking and soft skills to augment their studies. The formidable combination of a top-ranked MBA program, a specialized area of concentration and strong networking skills instills con?dence in new grads so they can follow their dreams — even if they started their careers in a completely different industry. Dana Centola (MBA ‘11), who deftly switched from publishing to technology after graduation, surmised,The education at Cox allowed me to more easily transition between industries by filling the gaps in my business knowledge. It opened doors that wouldnt have even been in the same hallway I was in previously. Q I went to business school because I wanted to switch careers but was not entirely sure what I wanted to do next.‘‘‘‘ Want to Switch Careers? An MBA from SMU Cox Can Help. SMU Cox Full-Time MBA and Professional MBA (PMBA) programs both offer the option to concentrate your studies in a speci?c area of interest. Specializations include: UÊAccounting UÊBusiness Analytics UÊFinance (corporate, energy or investment) UÊFinancial Consulting UÊGeneral Business UÊInformation and Operations UÊManagement UÊMarketing UÊReal Estate UÊStrategy and Entrepreneurship Fortunately, todays students have options for how to make their career- switch dream a reality. The SMU Cox PMBA program enables students to obtain their MBA without having to leave their current job by scheduling classes conveniently on nights and weekends. Students who want to go back to school full-time but are concerned about living without a salary for two years should consider this: Forbes ranks the Cox MBA #25 in the U.S. for ROI with a break-even of 3.4 years. In other words, students who forgo salaries for two years typically make up wages and tuition in only 3.4 years. Either way, dont delay pursuing your dream career. Its never too late to change! 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