<P>46 ¦ Class of 1988: John P. Albright (BBA) is the president and CEO of Consolidated-Tomoka Land. Paul Einarsson (MBA) married Tami Hellegas, whom he met in this program. They will celebrate their 25th anniversary as he celebrates his 50th birthday in 2014. Paul and Tami work together in a company he helped start and build, which has since become the largest owner of seismic data used for offshore oil and gas exploration in Canada. ¦ Class of 1989: Bruce Jones (MBA) is the managing director at ClearRidge LLC. ¦ Class of 1990: Todd C. Williams (BBA) has been president of Double Diamond Custom Homes since 2000 and has expanded its building and remodeling operations into Austin and the Hill Country area. Todd and his wife Christina Carpenter Williams (‘92) live in San Antonio with their two sons, Hunter and Chase. ¦ Class of 1991: Akio Otsuka (MBA), a law professor, became the dean of the University of Tsukuba Law School as of April 2013 for a two-year office. Michael Teester (MBA) is the senior vice president of global sales at Getty Images. ¦ Class of 1992: Lisa Decker (BBA) celebrated her 20th anniversary with the Lucas Group as a ?nance and accounting recruiter. ¦ Class of 1993: Frank Koye (PMBA) graduated 20 years ago in August from the part-time program while working on highly classi?ed missile programs involving emerging technologies. He then joined Prudential Preferred Financial Services near New York City, but was soon given orders back to active duty in Bosnia. Frank initially served as assistant chief of staff for communications and information systems for NATO Naval Striking and Support Forces, and then as theater plans of?cer and reserve coordinator for the U.S. 6th Fleet in Bosnia. His follow-on orders took him to serve as the U.S. 7th Fleet Commanders liaison to the Japanese Fleet Commander in Tokyo. Afterward, he was sent to the Balkans for a year to serve as liaison to the Albanian Ministry of Defense. He next flew to Malaysia to work for the U.S. 7th Fleet Commander, working with communications and information technology in a job that took him to Kuala Lumpur, Bali, Guam, Hong Kong, Australia and Japan. When Frank returned to civilian life, he used his MBA to work as a venture capitalist in emerging markets in the Balkans doing 100-percent equity-owned ventures to start businesses in banking, manufacturing and real estate development. He later worked as the subject matter expert brie?ng at a NATO emergency plenary session on Kosovo and with Marine reconnaissance teams. Osama Bin Laden was using the area as an operational base, and following a successful operation that captured three top Al Qaeda operatives, Frank was recalled to take charge of military forces, 30 Navy SEALs and 155 special operations-capable Marines. These forces were sent in by President Clinton to conduct noncombatant evacuation operations and prevent the assassination of senior military and civilian leaders by Al Qaeda. After these special operations, Frank subsequently received orders to work in intelligence operations with national security providing critical intelligence to senior civilian and military leaders. He later worked in human intelligence with DIA and special operations with Naval Special Warfare Group Four. For the last 10 years he has worked for BAE Systems Inc. in different roles. He was a network-centric operations consultant and initially headed R&D involving ultra-wide band wireless technology, and then worked for the CIA, FBI and DNI on national security and information sharing. Frank currently works for an international consortium of nations holding missile systems that are employed on more than 200 ships across the globe and are designed to shoot down enemy missiles. Frank has also served as president of the SMU Alumni Association in Washington, D.C., and volunteered his time as a Scout leader internationally. He has served on the Mass Rescue Operations working group of the National Search and Rescue Committee, as well as on the boards of directors for two divisions of the National Defense Industrial Association: Special Operations and Low Intensity Con?ict, and Homeland Security. He retired from the Navy as a commander in 2006 and is the father of four children. Robert Sawyer (EMBA) joined Felextronics Penang in Malaysia in 2013 as senior director at NPI Engineering Operations. He married Diana Sihombing on December 22, 2012, in Medan, Indonesia. 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