<P>I want to take a moment in my ?rst deans letter to thank the greater School of Medicine community— students, alumni, faculty and staff—for the many kind words of support that youve sent in the last few weeks. I am excited to be leading the school at what I see as a time of great opportunity in the months ahead. I have heard from many of you about your ideas for the schools future and what youd like to see as strategic priorities. With that in mind, Id like to share my goals for the next year in ?ve important areas: ?Develop strategies regarding how Tulane ?ts within the realignment of hospitals that is currently going on within New Orleans. Our alignment with these hospitals has important implications for our long-term future and has to be well thought out and well planned. ?Improve and enhance our clinical enterprise, both the physician practices and the hospital operations. We need to improve both the quality and patient satisfaction aspects of our care, but also increase our productivity and improve our ?nances. These are all interrelated, and the clinical mission helps support and is essential for the other two missions of research and education. ?Build our research portfolio for the future. This is a challenging time for expanding research, but this is much-needed. Although these strategies will be developed over the next several months, they will clearly involve more clinical, translational and population research in addition to basic science. ?Continue the excellent quality and innovation of our schools education programs during the current academic year. Tulane has long bene?tted from its focus on our educational programs and this needs to continue. ?Re-engage the faculty at large in achieving these goals and enhancing our missions. There is tremendous talent among the Tulane faculty, and their support in helping set a strategic direction for the future is critical. We also need your help. Our alumni and greater Tulane family have always been a foundation for our success. Your engagement and support are essential in helping us bring the school to the next level of achievement in the years ahead. TULANE |MEDI CINE L. Lee Hamm, MD Senior Vice President of Tulane University Dean of the School of Medicine VOLUME 39, ISSUE 2 2013 Senior Vice President and Dean L. Lee Hamm, MD Contributors Keith Brannon Barri Bronston Thaya McGonigal Kirby Messinger Arthur Nead Ryan Rivet Fran Simon Zack Weaver Photography Paula Burch-Celentano Guillermo Cabrera-Rojo Editing and Design Zehno Cross Media Communications President of the University Scott S. Cowen Vice President for University Communications and Marketing Deborah L. Grant Vice President for School of Medicine Development David W. 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