<P>Q-RACING JOURNAL FEBRUARY 2013 17 we ride them in the gate. Then when we get ready to ride them in, theyll go right in. Right now, we jog them about a mile and a quarter on the jogging track around the pasture. Its up and down hills, so its really good for the 2-year-olds. They get a lot out of it. Its just a nice, slow, easy jog, and then we back them off into a walk and let them relax as we walk them back to the barn. Theres a lot of wildlife around here. Theres a herd of axis deer right close to them, and there are a lot of whitetails, too. Theyre seeing all kinds of things, cattle, turkeys, everything. Theyre doing real good now, as far as their reactions. At first, theyd look at them some, but it never really bothered them a whole lot and theyve gotten used to all the commotion. I think that has a lot to do with all the ground work we do prior to breaking and riding them. Ive got a stick with a flag on the end, I do a lot of flagging on the ground in the round pen, and get the colts really desensitized to all the movement. After a little bit of that on the ground, I get on my pony horse and flag them that way, also. That really helps them. It settles them down a bunch. We do that in the round pen, flag them without a rider and then with a rider. Before I put a rider on them, Ive already flagged them in the round pen by themselves, saddled. Ill kind of snub them up to the pony and flag them around. Man, it works! Im telling you, I wish Id done that years ago, it makes a lot of difference. Ray Hunt got me started doing (the flagging technique). I was doing all the dental work on Rays horses when he was putting on the clinics out of Denton. Ray would come in and spend a couple or three months every year, and Id go out and do all the dental work on the clinic horses for him. He got me started doing the flagging, but I never got to put it to prac- tice much until I got here and started breaking racehorses again. Its a great technique. Right now, out of the dozen 2-year-olds Ive got, Lilias Cartel and Grace And Favor are probably standing out the best. Those two are doing really well. They act like old horses. Everything you show them, they take right to it. They are very willing and really move good. Everythings good, and were really enjoying it. Weve got a really nice set of horses and were looking forward to going to Houston and Retama. C.W. Bubba CascioTolar, Texas WE HAVE 12 2-YEAR-OLDS RIGHT NOW, AND WELL BE GETTING a few more. Were still driving some of them, and some of them were riding. Some of them dont learn as quick, some pick it up real quick. Cody Wainscott is breaking colts for me and hes going to be riding for me this year. Cody told me he loves to break horses, so I told him were going to drive them awhile, get on up there. What I like about Cody is, I had been looking for a rider for a long time. I hadnt had a boy since Jerry Nicodemus who has hands like this kid has. Hes very quiet. His work ethic is great. He never asks how many more we got left to work. Cody has real good hands, but if a horse needs a little disci- pline hell get it done and then go right back to easing up. Ive asked Cody some questions to see where hes coming from, how he thinks. One of the things I asked him was, If you had to carry 85 pounds uphill, and one was a kid who had his arms around your neck and his legs locked around your waist, hes moving around and youre trying to hold him up to where he wont fall off, and the other is the same weight in a backpack strapped on to where it would stay still on your back, which would you rather carry? Cody said Id rather have that backpack. OK, why? He said, Well, I could probably move better if that weight was sitting still on me. Thats the answer I was looking for. So I told Cody, When we get to Retama, were going to break you out of the gate several times on each colt, and I dont want you to even think about carrying a stick. Because when we get these colts broke, you wont have to be whip- ping and trying to hold them straight. What youll be doing is just riding them away from there. I told him, I want you to learn to ride these horses away from the gate and pose on them. (laughs) But seriously, what I mean by posing is carrying the kid or the backpack: Sitting still. Those boys who are whipping and jumping up and down, yeah, they might outrun you, but thats not why the horse is running that fast. If you are sitting still and taking a hold of the horse, hell run faster. You get a colt up into the bit, youll get him wanting to do something. That is something you can tell a person, but you cant really teach it. Its more natural than something taught. It takes good hands. I want my horses broke to where you can ride them off, stop them, back them up, get hold of the reins and turn them around any way you want to. Theres reason I put such a handle on these horses. I asked Cody, Have you ever been on a horse that leaves the gate, grabs the bit and no matter which way you pull the reins, he just keeps going the other way and runs over people? He said, Yessir, a lot of them. It wont be on one of my horses. Thats why we get them handling so good. We want them to learn real quick that when you take ahold of them, they have to move their front end. A racehorse has to move its front end first. I told Cody, Any time you want to stop a colt, back him up a little bit and turn him short about three or four times, do it! Richard Chamberlain is senior writer for AQHA Publications. To comment, write to richc@aqha.org. Mike Robbins examines Joe Kirk Fultons homebred Ivory James filly Unforgettableevening. 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