<P>Save paper: go digital | www.surrey.ac.uk/foreversurrey29 Alumni update We are grateful to the many alumni who share their news with us. We cannot ?t all your stories in this section, but have put many more on our website: www.surrey.ac.uk/foreversurrey Hannah Bradley (BSc Psychology 2012) Following graduation, I completed a Primary PGCE at the University of Winchester. I have started my ?rst teaching post, teaching a lively year 6 class at an outstanding school in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire. I know I have found the right profession; its hard work but the children are fantastic. Tim Albert (BSc Human Relations 1970) Has anyone got a copy of Surrey Guardian in 1967 – or any other memories of 1967-70 they would like to share? I am doing what retired journalists tend to do and writing a memoir – though I hope it will look more at the things I saw and wrote about than the things I did. If you can help please e-mail me: tim@timalbert. co.uk Rosina Howe-Teo (MBA 1996) I was honoured with the Asia Women Leadership Award 2013 on 1 August 2013 by the international professional body, the Chief Marketing Of?cer Council (CMO). I am the only Chief Innovation Of?cer, and only recipient from the government sector, to be accorded this prestige. My MBA from Surrey has been instrumental in my professional development over the years and has certainly helped hone my management skills to the level it is today. I am proud to be regarded as one of Singapores well respected CIOs and a leading opinion leader. Thank you for playing a crucial part in shaping my success. Rabindra Nath (Robin) Parbat (BSc Metallurgical Engineering 1961) We are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary this year on 2 December. I still pursue consultancy services and have just helped a group of young entrepreneurs set up an aluminium rolling mill system for melting and casting aluminium alloy rolling ingots, followed by scalping, preheating, hot rolling, cold rolling, stretching, blanking, annealing and circle making for quality kitchen wares. All at my age of 78! It was a great challenge but the plant is in full operation. Michael G. Barrett MBE (Civil Engineering 1951) and Margaret E. Barrett (née Botterill) Domestic Science 1952) Congratulations to Michael and Margaret who celebrated their Diamond Wedding on 15 August 2013. Both are still playing golf! Alison Northey (née Stapley) (BMus 1985) Since graduating I have been lucky enough to work in music ever since and have played piano for many famous people, with Sting last year proving to be a highlight - he even took me to lunch! I continue to play/accompany as much as possible but my main income comes from piano teaching. I teach around 75 people a week so life is chaotic. I am married to Richard (a brass player) and have one daughter - Kirsty, a singer - who is embarking on A level music. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me - apnorthey@gmail.com Nick Hatley (BSc French and European Studies 2006) I now live in San Francisco. I have been here for seven years and this year I got married in Cambridge to my American bride Keegen Brookes in beautiful Landbeach where I grew up. I loved my time at Surrey Mark Somen (BSc Hotel and Catering Management 1990) Going through my mid-40s midlife crisis has driven me to start running. Although Im Kenyan, I have never really been as good as my country-folk, but still training for the NY marathon. One of my latest passions is this incredible conservation trust called the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust – www.maasaiwilderness. org. Anyway, I am raising £3,200 and ?gure if everyone reading this would send me £5 - thats it, just FIVE! - then I will have reached my goal before breakfast tomorrow. And I can then focus on my training and make my country proud! http://www. crowdrise.com/nyc2013/fundraiser/marksomen1 Aside from that, I am running a hospitality consulting company and loving life in NYC.</p> <UL><LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/1/1/">Front-Cover</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/2/2/">Inside-Front-Cover</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/3/3/">Page-3</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/4/4/">Page-4</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/5/5/">Page-5</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/6/6/">Page-6</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/7/7/">Page-7</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/8/8/">Page-8</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/9/9/">Page-9</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/10/10/">Page-10</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/11/11/">Page-11</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/12/12/">Page-12</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/13/13/">Page-13</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/14/14/">Page-14</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/15/15/">Page-15</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/16/16/">Page-16</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/17/17/">Page-17</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/18/18/">Page-18</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/19/19/">Page-19</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/20/20/">Page-20</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/21/21/">Page-21</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/22/22/">Page-22</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/23/23/">Page-23</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/24/24/">Page-24</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/25/25/">Page-25</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/26/26/">Page-26</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/27/27/">Page-27</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/28/28/">Page-28</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/29/29/">Page-29</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/30/30/">Page-30</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/31/31/">Page-31</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publication/445/hwrgghleg/32/32/">Back-Cover</a></LI> <LI><a href="http://www.mzines.net/publications/445/x/sitemap.xml" target="_blank">site map</a></LI> </UL>


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