<P>Q-RACING JOURNAL MAY 2014 7 L LETS SAY GOODBYE TO A VERY GOOD HORSE WHO SPENT MOST OF his life underrated by most everyone. Raise A Secret is gone at age 31. Raise A Secret – he was a big-hearted sonuvagun, declared Kenny Hart, the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame jockey who rode the two-time Grade 1 winner for Blane Schvaneveldt. He was a real nice horse. Raise A Secret was bred, raised and raced at 2 by Charles R. Socolofsky, who played football at Kansas State University and then coached at his alma mater before retiring with wife Caroline to grow wheat and keep Oh, about five good brood- mares on their farm near Scott City, Kansas. Foaled in 1983, Raise A Secret was the second stakes-winning American Quarter Horse by the Thoroughbred sprinter LNatural, who also was represented in summer 1985 by Walter Merricks graded stakes winner Loquendi. Raise A Secret was out of the stakes-placed Alamitos Bar mare Ala Secret Sue ($29,713) and was a half-brother to the stakes-winning Will Win (TB) gelding Duplicate Secret ($108,808). As a freshman, Raise A Secret scored in the Grade 1 Dash For Cash and Los Alamitos futurities and earned $674,835, nearly $200,000 more than any horse that season who didnt win the All American Futurity (G1) and more than 21/2 times as much as the colt who became the champion 2-year-old. So it was a good thing that he was overlooked, at least at first. Raise A Secret began his career as a $16,000 maiden claimer at Bay Meadows. I didnt know that much about the horse, and I was just trying to get a start in him when I put him in that claimer, Schvaneveldt said later that summer. I liked him, but you never know how good one is til you run him. Socolofsky, who died in May 1990, knew they were taking a gamble. The horse was California-bred and I felt the colt should run in California, he said. But we never thought he was a claimer. The only thing that scared me about that first race was that my wife would kill me if I lost him. I was a sheep-killin dog for three days after my wife, daughter and the man who works for me found out I had put him in that race. If someone had done their homework, he would have seen that I had him paid up in five futurities. You dont do that with a claimer. Raise A Secret was no claimer, and he would never enter a claiming race again after that maiden out. He started 12 races over three years, won eight and earned $705,483. All he needed was a little schooling and a little work. Now, dont get me wrong: The horse was broke when we got him, Hart said. But Blane was one of the greatest horse- men there ever was for working on a horses mental attitude, and you have to give him a whole lot of credit. There are a lot of good trainers who can physically train and get a horse ready, but there are a very few of them who can really under- stand and work on a horses mental attitude. The first time we took Raise A Secret to the racetrack, I had some problems, had a little trouble controlling him. I came back and told Blane, and Blane just shook his head. And then he went to working on him at the barn, trying to correct some habits that the horse had developed. When youd go to the race- track, Blane would tell you exactly what he wanted done with the horse and how he wanted it done, and believe me, youd better do exactly what he said. So this was really a nice horse, Hart continued. Raise A Secret had a lot of ability. That horse was real fast, and when Blane got him and started working with him, that horse just got better and better. Ol Raise A Secret was really, really easy to ride, after Blane had him for awhile. There really wasnt that much to riding him. Anything you asked that horse to do, he did it. It was a pleasure to get on him. Raise A Secret was purchased as a 3-year-old by Dr. Ed Allred, who stood him for many years on his famed Rolling A Ranch at Atascadero, California. Doc bred him mostly to his own mares, and didnt breed him to a lot of outside horses, Hart said. In my opinion, he was in the same category as some of the top horses, but he wasnt bred to as many mares as the majority of the top, known sires. Pensioned in 2007 but the better part of a decade later still ranking at No. 40 all-time among sires by money earned and No. 43 by winners, Raise A Secret from 20 crops has sired 432 winners from 609 starters (71 percent), including cham- pion Secret Card ($367,115), 42 other stakes winners and the earners of more than $10.8 million. Among his top runners were Grade 1 winners Kingman Kid ($531,365), Luva Secret ($346,856), Brotherly ($304,508) and Twelvie ($276,950); and six-figure earners Make A Secret ($267,605), Dicey Secret ($203,666), Pride Of Katella ($199,187), Bridlewood ($191,359), Templetonian ($179,823), Girl Secrets ($177,552), Sables Secret ($155,081), Easily A Secret ($140,814), My Son Jeremy ($120,621), Daggers And Darkness ($117,611) and Sneaky Fast ($112,865). The stallion also is one of the top broodmare sires in the sport, sitting at No. 13 all-time among broodmare sires by money earned. Among those runners is All American Futurity (G1) winner No Secrets Here ($1,637,095), who is out of Raise A Secrets graded stakes-winning daughter Dicey Secret. Raise A Secrets record proves what kind of horse he was, Hart said. We won two Grade 1s with him, and that wasnt real easy to do then and not many horses do it today. He did not get the recognition that I think that he should have got- ten. He was a nice horse. Raise A Secret was euthanized March 27 due to complica- tions of old age at Dr. David Moss Northside Large Animal Clinic in West Haven, Utah. Raise A Secret was a really, really nice horse, Hart said. And I really liked riding him. We did real, real good with him. On a given day, he could run with anybody. The horse was very fast, and when you asked him, that horse would give you his all. Hart laughed. And there were times when we didnt have to ask him so much. Richard Chamberlain is senior writer for AQHA Publications. To comment, write to richc@aqha.org. 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