<P>FACULTY ACCOLADES Three UCSF faculty members were among the 70 individuals elected in 2013 to the Institute of Medicine; IOM membership is consid- ered one of the highest honors in the ?elds of health and medicine. The new members are Jeffrey Bluestone, PhD, executive vice chancellor and provost and the A.W. and Mary Margaret Clausen Distinguished Professor in Metabolism and Endocrinology; Molly Cooke, MD, resident alumna, professor of clinical medicine, and director of education for Global Health Sciences; and Matthew State, MD, PhD, chair of the Department of Psychiatry and the Oberndorf Family Distinguished Professor. The School of Nursings Susan Chapman, RN, PhD, an associ- ate professor of social and behavioral sciences, and Bethany Phoenix, RN, PhD 97, vice chair of the Department of Community Health Systems, received a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundations Future of Nursing National Research Agenda. The funding will be used to examine opportunities and barriers that affect the ability of nurse practitioners specializing in psychiatry and mental health to effectively use their skills and expertise in public mental health settings. James Fraser, PhD, an assistant professor of bioengineering and therapeutic sciences in the schools of medicine and phar- macy, was named a 2014 Searle Scholar. The award, which is given annually to 15 young scientists nationwide, will support Frasers research into more accurately and precisely describing the ways that protein molecules change shape to carry out the functions of life in the human body. Three researchers with UCSF ties received the 2013 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers. The honorees were Karunesh Ganguly, MD, PhD, a resident alumnus, assistant professor of neurology in the School of Medicine, and member of the Center for Neural Engineering and Prostheses; Shingo Kajimura, PhD, an assistant professor of cell and tissue biology in the School of Dentistry and a research scientist at the UCSF Diabetes Center; and medical geneticist Katherine Rauen, MD, PhD, a resident alumna and former director of the UCSF NF/Ras Pathway Clinic. They were among 102 scientists chosen to receive this award, which honors individuals in the early stages of their independent research careers. Zev Gartner, PhD, an assistant professor of pharmaceutical chem- istry in the School of Pharmacy, received a 2013 National Institutes of Health Directors New Innovator Award. Read about his work building 3-D human tissue on page 9. Deborah Greenspan, DSc, chair of the Department of Orofacial Sciences in the School of Dentistry, and John Greenspan, PhD, a Distinguished Professor in the schools of dentistry and medicine and associate dean for Global Oral Health, were inducted as Fellows of the International College of Dentists. Neuroscientist Regis Kelly, PhD, director of the California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences, was awarded the title of Of?cer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) by Queen Elizabeth II for his services to science, innovation, and global health. A native of Scotland, Kelly was among 1,195 people selected this year to receive one of Great Britains highest honors. The UCSF Elev8 Healthy Students and Families Program – directed by Naomi Schapiro, RN, PhD 12, CPNP, a health sciences clinical professor in the School of Nursing – and the Alameda County Center for Healthy Schools and Communities were presented with the American Association of Colleges of Nursings ?rst Exemplary Academic-Practice Partnership Award. Funded by a three-year, $1.75 million grant from The Atlantic Philanthropies, Elev8 involves faculty and students from the schools of dentistry and nursing in a new, integrated model of primary health and dental care at ?ve of Oaklands middle schools. Steven Schroeder, MD, a Distinguished Professor of Health and Health Care and the director of the Smoking Cessation Leadership Center, received the Institute of Medicines Gustav O. Lienhard Award for 2013, in recognition of his pioneering efforts to control tobacco use, his leadership in general internal medicine, and his work to improve end-of-life care. Schroeder is a former president of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the founder of UCSFs Division of General Internal Medicine. The School of Dentistrys Margaret Walsh, BS 69, EdD, a profes- sor of preventive and restorative dental sciences and the director of the Master of Science Program in Dental Hygiene, received the 2013 Esther Wilkins Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of her many contributions to the ?eld of dental hygiene. 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