<P>4 AANnews • September 2014 Presidents Column programs and clinical research within the NINDS. As an AAN member, he serves as the federal liaison to the Science Committee. I have known him as a strong and effective leader, someone well equipped to the handle the challenges NINDS faces during this transition. In an interview earlier this year, Dr. Collins summed up 2013 this way: Last year has been the worst year on record, I think, in terms of the ability of scientists to get their work supported through NIH, with the success rate of grant applications plummeting down to about 16 percent. At the same time, the national research community is still reeling from the effects of the 2013 federal government shutdown and the disastrous budget sequester that cut $1.5 billion of NIH funding, which in turn eliminated 752 research grants for the year. Nearly half of the respondents to a survey of 3,700 US frontline scientists said they had terminated researchers; 55 percent knew a laid-off colleague; and 53 percent had no funding to support young investigators. Another survey found that one in five researchers is looking overseas to continue research projects—and three-fourths of those respondents said they received NIH support. Yet between 2012 and 2013, while scientific R&D spending declined in the US by 5 percent, it increased by nearly 5 percent in Germany, Japan, and South Korea—and by nearly 15 percent in China. The US could experience a significant brain drain if researchers—particularly younger ones who might be more responsive to the allure of overseas work—are unable to pursue their careers and scientific breakthroughs here. NINDS has suffered serious cuts, from $1,636 billion in 2010 to $1,587 billion in the 2014 budget. The funding cuts are especially deep when one considers how much the purchasing power of the dollar has eroded over time. A $1.6 billion budget in 2014 was worth only $1 billion and change in the year 2000. Throughout this turbulent period and despite this decline in NINDS purchasing power, the institute has carefully managed its resources and put a high priority on maintaining the payline for investigator-initiated grants as well as supporting new investigators by funding meritorious applications from new investigators that are below the payline. In addition to the funding strategy, NINDS has evaluated major programs, closing those that have accomplished their goals (such as GENSAT) or are no longer a high priority with changing technology (Microarray Centers). Its investing in new initiatives that include resources and clinical networks that will speed clinical trials, enhance efficiency and empower individual researchers. These include the new stroke network, the NeuroBioBank, NeuroNext, the Parkinsons Disease Biomarkers Program, the Federal Interagency Traumatic Brain Injury Database (FITBIR), and the NINDS Human Genetics DNA and Cell Line Repository. With the excitement generated by the possibilities and promises of the BRAIN Initiative, its vital that Congress understands that this effort supplements, and not supplants, funding for NINDS within the NIH. Academy leadership and our advocacy staff in Washington have been strongly advocating for federal funding of research at the NIH by lobbying for several pieces of legislation that would restore previous cuts and provide for opportunities to increase the NIHs budget allocation. Most recently, the Academy signed on as a supporter of legislation by Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) that would change budgeting rules to increase NIH funding potentially by $16 billion over the next seven years. We will keep you informed about the progress of the Accelerating Biomedical Research Act and other initiatives to bring research funding up to levels that reflect the enormous need to cure brain disease. We owe a great debt to Dr. Landis, who was a passionate and tireless advocate for research on Capitol Hill. At the same time, the Academy looks forward to working with Dr. Koroshetz, who says, Laboratory and clinician scientists are breaking new ground on an almost a daily basis in the effort to understand and treat neurological disorders. However, the pace at which we make progress will, in large part, be determined by the level of resources NIH makes available to train and support the brightest and most determined minds and spirits. As resources shrink, the pace of discovery slows, but the drive to solve problems for our patients will never let it stop. • Reduced Funding Imperils Research Momentum and the Landis Legacy Continued from page 3 Timothy A. Pedley, MD, FAAN President, AAN tpedley@aan.com Walter J. Koroshetz, MD, FAAN Story C. 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